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There is a lot more you can learn about HTML. And the best place to turn for complete information on any topic related to Web design is, of course, the Web. The following sites offer helpful tutorials so you can learn more about HTML.

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“Let’s Get Back to Work”- Minnesota

Recently, $564 million dollars was authorized to be spent on Minnesota Airports.

The goal of  Minnesota’s “Lets Get Back to Work” program is to create job openings for people in constructions and engineering.  Congress has set aside $564 million to build new airports and fix the old throughout the state of Minnesota.

This is how the money will be split up around Minnesota.

  • New Ulm: $3.8 million for runway extension
  • Blue Earth: $2.3 million for runway repairs
  • Le Sueur: $96,000 for land
  • Waseca: $62,000 for taxiway
  • Also airports in  Rushford, Jackson, Fairbault and Owatonna.

“This is a small price to pay for folks that want to work” -President Obama

Tools for Twitter

Get the Most Out of Twitter

As a PR practitioner who just came back from vacation and told to do a recap of a big story involving Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood, I would use these three twitter tools to gain information.

The first tool I would use is Tweet Scan. I went on tweet scan and was able to type in key words that would bring me to tweets about the subject I typed in.  I used words like “Planned Parenthood”, “Susan G Komen”, and “Ford” to tweets about this event.  It also lets you put in a username so you can look up tweets posted about Planned Parenthood by say Presidents Obama and see what a specific person has to say about an issue.

The second tool I used was wefollow.  I could easily find people because they are put in categories and you can search people as well.   It also has top news twitter pages that I clicked on and went back to see what they has said about the situation.  It is convenient because you can look up tweets by cities.  The most helpful tool on wefollow was the ability to look up the top tags that link together all the information about a subject.

The third tool I would use is twendz.  This tool has highlighted conversations and themes that are constantly changing as twitter changes. It evaluates up to 70 tweets at a time and changes minute-by-minute.  It was helpful to find the interesting and controversial issues happening.  With the highlighted conversations you are able to find people reactions and emotional reactions to things that are happening and follow their conversation about it.

Final Thoughts

Before I used these sites I wasn’t even sure what was happening with Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood.  Which made me realize I should be watching the news more or on my class twitter staying up to date by following CNN and breaking news sites.   After researching off of twitter I now know Komen was debating if they should cut  funding for Planned Parenthood services for free breast screening.  After a lot of searching and weeding about the unreliable tweets by using my twitter tools I was able to learn about the debate is a very different light than seeing in on CNN or reading and article about it.  It allowed me to get the opinions of many more people. I think twitter is a valuable tool for journalist today.

Future of the New York Times


This is my reaction to the New York Times in the movie Page One. For the last few years rumors that newspapers are going to die  have threatened the New York Times and other news printing businesses. Putting it plain and simple newspapers are still around today because people like to know what is going on. This movie opened my eyes not to how the newspaper industry is ending but how it is changing. Now I see it as the beginning of a new way we can obtain and read the news through using online media sources.

Making it Happen

Brian Stelter is a genius. He realized first how beneficial twitter and other social media could be used in the professional work world. Why not make a living out of something you do in your free time. Tweeting, Facebook and blogging are fun for people to use and also an effective way to reach a large audience. Stelter is very creative and smart to be one of the first people to use these social media outlets to gain publicity and ultimately financial gain for a business.
David Carr was a great story teller. I loved how he used so much sarcasm and vulgarity to make his points. The part in the movie where Carr talks about and holds up the Swiss cheese paper made me realize the consequences if newspapers ended.

Change is Good

No doubt, I believe that the common newspaper has some serious changes ahead of it but I think that once people accept it is not dying, it’s just going digital everyone will settle down. They will still need journalis to write the stories and editors to revise them. The work will mainly be the same the distribution is what will be changing. It will just be done in a cheaper, more efficient, faster and less wasteful way. It’s 2012, out with the old in with the new. Even David Carr agrees there are some benefits the web can have.

“I think there’s always going to be a kind of pathology in the system, and yes it could be put on steroids by new platforms. But journalism is constructed by humans and there’s going to be mistakes. If anything the web, in general, is more of a self-cleaning oven, more of a self-correcting narrative. Things get truer as they go.” -David Carr