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Get the Most Out of Twitter

As a PR practitioner who just came back from vacation and told to do a recap of a big story involving Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood, I would use these three twitter tools to gain information.

The first tool I would use is Tweet Scan. I went on tweet scan and was able to type in key words that would bring me to tweets about the subject I typed in.  I used words like “Planned Parenthood”, “Susan G Komen”, and “Ford” to tweets about this event.  It also lets you put in a username so you can look up tweets posted about Planned Parenthood by say Presidents Obama and see what a specific person has to say about an issue.

The second tool I used was wefollow.  I could easily find people because they are put in categories and you can search people as well.   It also has top news twitter pages that I clicked on and went back to see what they has said about the situation.  It is convenient because you can look up tweets by cities.  The most helpful tool on wefollow was the ability to look up the top tags that link together all the information about a subject.

The third tool I would use is twendz.  This tool has highlighted conversations and themes that are constantly changing as twitter changes. It evaluates up to 70 tweets at a time and changes minute-by-minute.  It was helpful to find the interesting and controversial issues happening.  With the highlighted conversations you are able to find people reactions and emotional reactions to things that are happening and follow their conversation about it.

Final Thoughts

Before I used these sites I wasn’t even sure what was happening with Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood.  Which made me realize I should be watching the news more or on my class twitter staying up to date by following CNN and breaking news sites.   After researching off of twitter I now know Komen was debating if they should cut  funding for Planned Parenthood services for free breast screening.  After a lot of searching and weeding about the unreliable tweets by using my twitter tools I was able to learn about the debate is a very different light than seeing in on CNN or reading and article about it.  It allowed me to get the opinions of many more people. I think twitter is a valuable tool for journalist today.


2 thoughts on “Tools for Twitter

  1. Lisa–
    Your blogs are really easy to follow and you have made some nice links to the apps you used through twitter. I especially like the layout or “theme” of your blog (it’s the same as mine so you must have good taste..haha!) Keep up the nice work..I look forward to reading more from you!

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